Coconut has many benefits for our lives. The following are some parts of the coconut tree that are often used, in addition to the water and flesh of the fruit.

  • Coconut shells are used as raw materials for making coconut shell charcoal.
  • Coconut leaves are used for one type of leaf from food wrappers.
  • The stems or segments of the fingers from coconut leaves are often used as one of the basic ingredients in making broomsticks.

Not only useful for the coconut, but it also turns out that there is one other part of the coconut that can be used, namely the coconut fiber. You can find the best coconut product at coconut product supplier from Indonesia.

Although it is included in one type of waste, however, the benefits of coconut fiber itself can be used for various things. What are the benefits of coconut coir? The following are some of them:

As a Basic Material for Making Briquettes

In addition to coal, in fact, we can also use coconut coir as raw material for making briquettes. The advantages of this coconut coir briquette are its environmentally friendly nature and also relatively small production costs so the selling price is cheaper.

These briquettes made from coconut fiber that you can get at coconut product Indonesia have properties that are more environmentally friendly and will reduce production costs. Because the cost of producing coir briquettes is much cheaper than coal briquettes.

As Fuel

Coconut coir has properties that are easy to burn, so it is often used to fuel something. An example is as a fuel in the process of making charcoal in coconut shells, as a substitute for wood fuel in homes. In traditional restaurants in big cities that use traditional stoves, as well as in the ceramic and tile-making industry.

As a Craft Material

Since ancient times, coconut fiber has been widely used as raw material in producing various kinds of handicrafts, both for household appliances such as palm fiber brooms and also doormats, daily necessities such as bags and wallets, displays and decorations, as well as spring beds, pillows, carpets. , seats, vehicle dashboards, and so forth.

To Neutralize Water and Cement Odor

In newly built ponds, the smell of cement mixed with water can cause fish to die. Coconut husk can be used to overcome the smell. In addition, coconut fiber will also neutralize the water content in the pool that has just been completed.

As a Component of a Simple Water Filter

The fibrous structure of coconut coir can be used to help filter water. Coconut coir that can be used is the husk that has been removed. The water that passes through the coconut coir filter will be filtered from garbage or dirt. The filtering process must be done repeatedly to get really clear and clean water.

Organic Fertilizer Manufacturing

Who would have thought that the use of coconut coir can also be processed and used as a type of organic fertilizer?

This organic fertilizer made using coconut coir can hold up to 60 percent more water than other fertilizers. This of course will be very useful for areas that have low rainfall or areas that experience moderate or frequent droughts.

In addition, coconut fiber also contains nutrients and minerals that are very good for the growth of various kinds of plants. So, it is very suitable if this material is used as one of the ingredients for making organic fertilizers.