We really loved the location on this place. It is literally within walking distance of the school where Joan will start teaching the next semester. For me I could probably ride my bike to work, although I am guessing it would take me around 20 minutes. There is a bike trail for much of the way. The house itself has a few issues, although the price is very reasonable. It is a tiny place, the first thing you notice when you pull up is the window shutters. The one to the left of the front door was either knocked askew or it was put up that way. They do not look right for some reason, but I can not really say exactly why. I think they are the wrong size, a bit too small for the windows. Of course that just is not a big deal, it is all cosmetic and probably works in our favor since it is so obvious.

The kitchen and the bathroom are both really outdated. From what I understand the place was built around 1973 and there has not been much if anything done to the place since then. Of course that is not to say that you could not live with it for a bit. In the meanwhile we would really save a fortune on our monthly expenses and the down payment would not drain our savings like every other house we have looked at. The place is really small, but that is fine really. It is just she and I, so that just makes it snug. There is less of it to keep clean. In fact I suspect that I could get one of those reel mowers to mow the grass. In the front yard there is hardly enough grass to worry about and the back yard is probably less than 20 minutes work including the trimming.